The option to check-in is only available on the mobile version of the app. There are generally two options to add time to SiteMax these are:

Check-in - When you check in, you are starting your time from the present moment. Checking in will also record your location after you start your time.

Manual Time Entry - This is for adding a block of time at once. This can be either used as your way of adding time or adding time in the past

How to Check-in

Add > Time > Check in > Choose project/time > Start

Checking out:

Standard check-out is simple, you can either navigate to your time entry with Add > Time. Or an easier, way is to click on the banner displaying your time at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to the check-out page.

How to Check-out

You can get back to the "Check-out" screen by clicking on your time banner in the dashboard

You will see several "Check-out" options at the check-out stage. Using a "Switch" option will stop your current entry. And start a new entry with the new value.

Splitting your time is allocating your time to the correct, project, cost code, work type or equipment. This is important if you are working in more than one location, doing multiple activities.

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