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Our automatic overtime rules are easily configurable to be in line with your company's time tracking workflow. When setting up the rules, make sure all scenarios are included in the system.

For instance, set up an overtime rule for 8 hours. This means that any time over 8 hrs is considered overtime. However, this would not catch people working over 40 hrs in a week (7 hrs for 6 days).

For this case, we would have a weekly rule for over 40 hrs a week.

Creating and editing a profile

Create a profile for your overtime rules, then add each specification that is in line with your company. Click on the (+) icon to create a new profile or use the gear icon (⚙️ ) to edit an existing profile.


Name/Description - The "Name" will appear above the description when viewing the profile. For example "BC Rules" is the name and "default rule to apply" is the description in the screenshot above.

User tags - Create specialty overtime rules for users with certain tags. Custom tags can always be added via the "Team" tab (Dashboard > Team > Click on a user name > Tags > Input tag > Enter).

Excluded Cost Codes and Work Type - When you have added work types for certain users, you can use this data to exclude them from the rule over time. The same goes for "Cost Code".

Work Types can be added or edited via the "Customization" tab (Dashboard > Company Settings > Modules > Time > Customization > Work Type) and Cost Codes can be added or edited via the "Cost Code" tab (Dashboard > Company Settings > Cost Code).

Combine these options or use them individually to specify your exact conditions.

Rule set-up

Begin by adding a rule using the "Add rule" button in the bottom left. You will need to enter the following information to set up your rule.

Choose if your rule is set for consecutive days, one day, or weekly

Briefly describe its function

Time type
The time type that will be present for the rule (Ex. OT, RT)

Required duration
The amount of time the needs to pass in order for the rule to be enabled

Target days/dates - Excluded Dates
Pick exact days or dates for the rule or include or exclude

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