Set up distribution lists for forms on a company level or on a project level.

Keep all necessary parties updated with custom recipient lists.

Dashboard > Settings > Module > Forms > Select a form >  Click "Envelop Icon" on right side of form

General Information:

Static email list: Add email addresses as a static list for a form. These emails will receive an email every time a form is "submitted". To add emails click "+ Add Email" and enter email addresses in the field.

Project team by title: Assign recipients by title (i.e Fieldworker, Safety Officer). This means everyone with the assigned title will receive emails.

Manual entry: Allows users to add additional emails at the point of submission on a form (Note: this does not add them to the distribution list, rather it will be a one-time addition for the specific form submission).

Attach form PDF link to email: This will enable a clickable button on the email to access the PDF version of the specific form.

Email Template: This allows you to configure the automated email that will be sent once the form is submitted.

  • Add Subject to the Email Template section by entering text on the subject line or click the (+) button to Add Block.

  • To delete a Subject once added on the Email Template, click "Remove Block".

  • Customize body paragraphs as needed.

NOTE: Distribution lists can be created on either the company level or the project level. If a form has a distribution list on the project level, it will supersede the company-level distribution list. To set up the distribution list on a project level follow the steps below:

Dashboard > Project > Project Settings > Module > Forms > Select a form >  Click "Envelop Icon" on right side of form

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