Closing a Submittal

How to close a submittal. Closing a submittal.

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Dashboard > Select a Project > Submittals

This guide will walk you through the steps to close a submittal in SiteMax.

Note: The submittal manager has the authority to close a submittal at any stage of the submittal approval process.

How to close a Submittal?

1. Completing the Submittal Workflow

  • As the submittal manager, ensure that the entire submittal workflow is completed and all necessary parties have responded to the submittal.

  • Verify that all required actions, such as reviews and approvals, have been carried out.

2. Closing the Submittal

  • Once the submittal workflow is finalized, navigate to the submittal details page.

  • At the bottom of the page, you will find the "Close Submittal" button. Click on this button to initiate the closing process.

3. Reviewing and Selecting the Final Response

  • Before closing the submittal, the submittal manager will have an opportunity to review the submittal and select the final response to be distributed.

  • Access the submittal PDF and carefully examine its contents and the responses received.

  • Choose the most appropriate final response based on the submittal's requirements and the stakeholders' feedback.

Note: It is mandatory to select at least one response before proceeding.

4. Distributing the Final Submittal

  • After selecting the final response, the submittal manager can proceed to distribute the submittal and its associated responses.

  • Click on the "Distribute" button to initiate the distribution process.

5. Adding Recipients to the Distribution List

  • The submittal manager has several options for adding recipients to the distribution list:

    • Input email addresses of individuals who should receive the final submittal.

    • Select users from the user list who need to be included in the distribution.

    • Choose contacts from the contact list who should receive the final submittal.

6. Sending the Final Submittal

  • Once the distribution list is finalized, the submittal manager can send out the final copy of the submittal to the designated recipients.

  • The submittal will be shared with the selected individuals, marking the completion of the submittal workflow.

Note: The submittals module is available for SiteMax's power instances. If you are interested in using the module, please contact your CSM or chat with us!

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