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Block and Unblock Users
Block and Unblock Users

How to Block and Unblock Users. Remove and prevent old users' login. No seats available, Email already exists errors.

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Company Dashboard > Team

How to remove Users from SiteMax

Blocked users in SiteMax are the equivalent of "Removed" or "Deleted" users. Users that are blocked no longer have access to the system and will stay in the Blocked user's list until "un-blocked" by an admin.

To block a user, first, go to Team, then Select Users (checkbox on the left) and click Actions > Block Users.

Blocked Users list

You can find Blocked Users in their own status of Blocked users using the Status filter on the Team page.

To Unblock Users, once the Blocked status Filter has been applied, select the Blocked Users (left checkbox) and use the Actions menu to Unblock Users.

Common Error

If an attempt is made to re-add a user with an email that is currently associated with a blocked user, the system will deliver an error message: Email already exists

The Solution: Change the email address of the blocked user or use a different email address for the new user.

If you try to unblock a user with previous user permissions you will see "No seats available".

The Solution: please reach out to your CSM to get more seats!

Viewing Blocked User's Data

To access a Blocked user's data, like completed reports or timecards, temporarily unblock them. Once you've retrieved the necessary information, you can reblock the user.

To Unblock a User:

  1. Navigate to Teams

  2. Click on the Users tab

  3. Use Filter and change Status to Blocked

  4. Select the User

  5. Click into Actions and select Unblock Users

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