Equipment Reports (Mobile)

Creating Equipment reports on mobile. Editing and managing equipment reports on mobile.

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Adding Equipment to a Project can be done easily using the SiteMax Mobile App. Equipment Profile, Reports, and Attachments can all be managed from your users' mobile devices.

Create an Equipment Report

To create an Equipment Report in the mobile app, start by clicking the +Add button from the project toolbar. Then click the Equipment button or Scan Equipment QR code to pick a report template from the equipment profile.

There is also the ability to scan multiple QR codes at once using the Scan Multiple option. Also, there is the Add Report option available on mobile for users to choose equipment from the list followed by the report template.

Edit an Equipment Report

Equipment reports exist on the equipment profile. To access an existing equipment report on mobile, access the equipment profile by scanning the QR code or access equipment in the sidebar menu, select Equipment, choose the equipment, and click Reports.

Access all equipment reports through company reports on SiteMax online.

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