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Welcome to Sitemax!

To access your account, follow the instructions below for logging in from a mobile device or the web.

Note: Your system administrator sends you an email invitation when you are added to the system. Search for the subject β€œYou have been invited to SiteMax” or search for the sender "" to find it.

Email invitation

If you have not received an email or if the temporary password has expired, please contact your administrator and ask them to send a new one!

Login from Mobile

  1. Find the invitation that your system administrator sent via email. Search for the subject "You have been invited to SiteMax" or the sender ""

  2. Use the email address where the invitation was sent to fill in the Email field.

  3. Copy and paste the temporary password provided in the Welcome email.

  4. On your first login, you will be prompted to set a new confidential password.

- Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Check for misspelled email addresses.

  • Avoid adding extra spaces in the password field.

  • Copy only the necessary information without including additional characters.

  • If you encounter access denied issues, contact your administrator to confirm your granted access level.

Log in from the Web

  1. Click on the Company login page provided in the email invitation.

  2. Add the login page to your favorites for easy future access.

  3. Use the email address from the invitation in the Username field.

  4. Copy and paste the temporary password from the Welcome email.

  5. Set a new confidential password on your first login.

- Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Double-check for any misspelled email addresses.

  • Ensure there are no extra spaces in the fields.

  • Copy only the necessary information without including additional characters.

  • Contact your administrator if you encounter access denied issues.

Forgot Password?

  • Click on the "Forgot Password?" link below the "Enter" button.

  • Enter your work email address.

  • You will receive an email with a new temporary password.

Log in from the SiteMax marketing site

From our Marketing site, you will be able to access your account. If you forgot or don't know your company address (see *) this is an easy way to go to the right place. However, we do not recommend this method and will encourage you to go to your system address directly.

Note for people with more than one SiteMax account

  • You can't reset the password through mobile or through our marketing website

  • You can only reset passwords individually by going to each system on the Web

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